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We can't thank Cory enough for his part in getting our cookwood stove up and running. Plumbing Tech has done work for us on many occasions, from installing a water jacket on our cookwood stove, bathroom, and kitchen plumbing, and repairing our well. Besides providing professional workmanship and communicating the best course of action for our plumbing needs, Plumbing Tech also donates time and resources to local charities.  Thank You Plumbing Tech many times over for jobs well done.  

Chi & Grace Tran, Kingston ON

We own several rental properties throughout Kingston.  We have always been able to depend on Plumbing Tech to help with any of our plumbing needs. They are efficient, honest, reliable, and well organized, and have always taken the time to make us feel important. Their availability has always been impressive and their price is far more reasonable than anywhere else.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs a plumber.

Lynne Wheal, Kingston ON

I have accessed Plumbing Tech's services on a few different occasions, I would never entertain the thought of calling another!!!  Service has always been very prompt, efficient, very pleasant, and fair!!. The repairs were made properly. Since that time I have used Cory for several other plumbing projects around the house and he has always met and exceeded my best expectations. I will definitely recommend your service to others. You have made lifetime customers of my family.


Cory and Nicole Weaver, I can not thank you enough for your flexibility, kindness, and professionalism.

Marcella, Kingston ON

I would again like to thank you for the amazing bathroom renovation.  Your professionalism was outstanding.  I loved how you kept me informed throughout the whole job.  I was really pleased with how little this renovation disturbed our daily routines.

Daphne Sword, Seeley's Bay ON

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